Arigatou International

Arigatou International is a non-profit organization, which works to bring people from all walks of life together to build a better world for children. Arigatou International is “All for Children,” and draws on universal principles of common good to offer compelling new ways for people of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds to come together to address children’s issues.

Arigatou International develops and sustains unique multi-stakeholder initiatives designed to ensure that all children are treated with dignity, all children’s rights are respected, and all children have the opportunity to freely pursue their full human potential. Involving diverse partners, these initiatives emphasize both grassroots action and international advocacy.

In the year 2000, Arigatou International inaugurated the Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC), which continues to grow today as a platform for interfaith cooperation on children’s issues. In 2004, it began promoting Ethics Education for Children and later published, with UNICEF and UNESCO, Learning to Live Together: An Intercultural and Interfaith Programme for Ethics Education. In 2008, it launched a global movement of Prayer and Action for Children, and in 2012, the Interfaith Initiative to End Child Poverty.

Ms. María Lucia Uribe, Director, Ethics Education for Children, Arigatou International – Geneva | Convener – Consortium on Nurturing Values and Spirituality in Early Childhood for the Prevention of Violence

Dr. Mustafa Y. Ali, Secretary-General, Global Network of Religions for Children, and Director, Arigatou International – Nairobi

Rev. Fred Nyabera, Director, End Child Poverty, Arigatou International – Nairobi

Ms. Rebeca Rios-Kohn J.D., Director, Prayer and Action, Arigatou International – New York