Find religious and spiritual scriptures to support the implementation of the Toolkit here

Religious scriptures are important and inspirational resources to support the implementation of the Toolkit. They are referenced in the modules and many of the sessions of the Learning Program found in Booklet II, which will support any organisation in the training of trainers and facilitators (faith actors) who will be working with parents, caregivers, and educators.  

Within this online space, you will find several religious scriptures that can support trainers and facilitators in the implementation of the Toolkit. They can be used to complement one’s own theological reflections around the holistic development and well-being of children. The scriptures provided here are examples, you may want to add others that you think can be supportive of the sessions you may be conducting with religious and spiritual leaders and/or with parents, caregivers and educators, as appropriate. The scriptures are organized by topic for ease of reference.  

If you have any questions on how to use these scriptures, please consult the introduction to the religious scriptures for further guidance or contact us at